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I have been in the field of Environmental Protection and Corporate Sustainability for more than 25 years and have watched it move from environmental protection and cleaning up hazardous waste sites to strategic sustainability.   Today we are seeing terms like resilience, ethical sourcing and shared value to represent:  how we treat our air, water, forests, land, animals and plants; and how we respect other human beings rights, health and safety.

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I consistently found that as I travelled throughout the globe that people were genuinely good and that if they were mistreating the environment, animals or people, it was often because they did not have the ability, training or tools to make the necessary shift.

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Once our basic survival needs are handled, everyone seems to have the urge to learn.  If we are going to survive on this planetary playground for generations then we will certainly need to convert our fear into power and brilliance.

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For decades, I have remained optimistic even though the temperatures on the planet are dramatically rising.  Still I believe that it is often in cataclysmic times or with massive deadlines that man/woman rise up to meet the challenges with innovation and ingenuity.  I believe in the power of the human mind and it’s ability to apply his/her genius to solve the environmental and humanitarian problems we face today.  The online tool that we will build and prototype will serve as one peace/piece of the puzzle as we pilot it with the largest corporate brands in the world.

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I now believe that learning occurs not as a response to teaching, but rather as a result of social frameworks that fosters learning. A key factor influencing the changes I have made in my overall challenge and approach to building an e-learning solution for a community of practice has been due to the social interaction I have had with several professionals throughout my Action Research cycles.  I am convinced that when the Technology is applied correctly that we will all hold the keys to the kingdom!

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No where is the will to win and the desire to succeed more pronounced than it is in the competitive corporate landscape.  I thought a lot about reaching our full potential as I toured hundreds of factories, fields, mines and plants.  I realized that we need to invest in our partners much the same way we did during all the previous revolutions throughout time.

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I am certain that we must move beyond the traditional view of teaching as the delivery of on-line education, innovation and information proliferates. Even some of the traditional On-Line Learning Management Systems are now considered outdated. Our educational systems including our learning management systems need to move from being information traffickers to innovative knowledge creators.  We need to plant sustainable trees that will grow for centuries just as they did before we started cutting them down at such rapid rates.  Let’s start with the Technology Tree!

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Early on in my research I read a lot of journal articles and deep analyses on “How People Learn”.  I found that there wasn’t a huge amount of difference between how children learn and how adults learn as children become adults and often face the same challenges and obstacles if they have not learned properly in their K – 12 education.  I put together this brief video on “How Do People Learn”.

I also began to see the rapid changes that are taking place, particularly for young people on the use of infographics and storyboards as a quick medium to get a lot of information.  Since I knew that my work was going to be focused on a values based area such as Sustainability, I decided to experiment as part of my class assignments with infographics and storyboards that seek to convey and address issues related to unfair conditions for Factory Workers around the world and issues related to financial illiteracy.  Here are three of my experiments.  Pulling these together, especially the infographics entailed a fair amount of research to ensure the accuracy of the facts.

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Factory Workers Plight

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Now I tie the illiteracy to the factory workers in this infographic.

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1. What was the problem. Relate problem to your professional passion

2. What did you learn from research or theory to help you solve problem

3. What actions did you take why?

4. What data did you gather what did you find?

5. What did you learn about the process?

6. What did you learn about yourself?