Social Media Evangelizing Strategy – Part One (Focus and Target Audience)

Focus on my Top 3 Revenue Generating Actions

  • Come up with right focus area (marketing and branding) with simple instructional design to start
  • Complete business plan to demonstrate the business plan viability and potential revenue
  • Build on top of existing platform in partnership with existing and viable model Branding – Sustainable Brands already has strong brand – just add University to make it SBU.

This is an active and an established 10-year old community of practice.

The audience within Sustainable Brands that I am focused on are the middle level and higher level management dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility, Global Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship. They are individuals who are employed by the top 50 to 500 brands on the planet. They generally face an uphill battle on a daily basis to create change large conglomerates focused on making the cheapest products for the highest profits.

Visibility – Need to more fully engage target audience to determine their willingness to pay.

My audience is interested in anything and everything connected to nature and humanity and the protection of both.

The topics they think about the most are:

• Sustainable products and services • Risk management • Ethical sourcing of fair trade products • Employee engagement • Social impact investment

Common problems of my target audience that need solving • Climate change and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions • Water conservation and reuse and protection of oceans, rivers and natural water bodies • Waste minimization, reuse, recycling and reduction • Human rights, worker health and safety and fair labor practices

My target audience is kept awake at night thinking about • How to positively influence diverse profit oriented business leaders • How to transform business models from consumption oriented products to shared services • How to justify and obtain adequate funding and demonstrate timely ROI

The things my target audience enjoys the most • Spending time with their family, friends and loved ones • Having a purposeful career that they are passionate about • Educating themselves on who is doing what best (most efficiently and effectively) • Spending time outdoors doing all kinds of exercise, hobbies and leisure activity